Brigthness and cleanliness of nature in your home and office

Fast Clean Bio is a company for professional cleaning - bio and standard. The company has created to provide deep cleaning with care to the environment, human and pets health.

We are dedicated to providing superior cleaning services complimented by our determination for customer satisfaction. You can trust our company and our cleaning experts to thoroughly clean your property so that you don’t have to. Our trained and insured cleaning teams bring all of their own supplies and equipment to your job site, and will make sure that your home or commercial property looks its best.

We will give you a price quote for cleaning services that will fit your needs and your budget.

We use one of the most quality bio cleaning priducts. These products are used from Madonna, AC / DC, Sir Paul McCartney use these products, as well as the Volkswagen factory.

Types of services

Upholstery cleaning

Add a sparkle to your room with newly cleaned furniture. We provide you a refreshing upholstery cleansing and deep washing that extends the life of your furniture.

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Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Add a sparkle to your room with newly cleaned carpet or rug. We will ensure deodorizing , sanitisation, removing of bacteria, mould, removing of stubborn stains and pests.

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House cleaning

We can provide you with multiples types of cleaning services, based on your needs and living space. We can even tailor-make a cleaning service to fit your busy lifestyle.

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Office cleaning

Let our cleaning experts provide your company with discreet and flexible service designed to leave your workplace spotless, ensuring you are satisfied with our work and that we are able to meet your requirements.

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Commercial cleaning

Fast Clean Bio offers professional commercial cleaning services. Our goal is to make your area a pristine environment for business.

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Building cleaning

Building cleaning services provide a variety of tasks to keep businesses or living space looking spotless and neat. We prepare for you a personal checklist according to your needs, demandsand space.

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Move in / move out cleaning

Moving is a hard work. Our expert cleaning crews can make sure that your new home or office or the one you're leaving looks spotless and sparkling with our move in and move out cleaning services.

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Cleaning after repair

The one of the most thorough and challenging stages of the apartment/house/office repair is a cleaning. But the right desicion is to contact Kings of Clean and you will be provided with repair professional cleaning services

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Car upholstery cleaning and washing

As a specialist in professional cleaning services we know how to deal specifically with removingspots, spillages, odours and deep cleaning also of car and vehicle interiors and upholstery.

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Regarding your needs we can offer a big range of cleaning services. We can clean only part or separate premises of your home, office or building. Here you can find our full range of additional services

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Why choose bio

Bio Cleaning Is Healthy Cleaning

Bio cleaning is a healthy way of cleaning. Nowadays, consumers are beginning to demand safer, more natural alternatives to many of the harsh chemical cleaners which very often cause allergies and damage to skin. Many of traditional products are not safe to use during pregnancy, if pregnant smells some cleaning products it might affect her nausea. Some researchers have found a possible connection between the use of traditional cleaners during pregnancy and childhood respiratory problems, including lower respiratory tract infections and wheezing.